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The must-have e-book on visual storytelling!

By Milene van Arendonk

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About The Book

Always wanted to make your own photo story and get published?

Have a story to tell but no idea where to start?

Is it your dream to have your own photo exhibition? 

Answered at least one of these questions with YES? Than you need this e-book.


This e-book is for you if you ever asked yourself the following:

?? How do I make a photo story? Where do I start? How do I begin?

?? How do I arrange traveling to secluded communities or less accessible places?

?? How do I find a good guide?

?? How do I come in contact with locals?

?? How do I sell my story and as what? A book, an exhibition, a publication?


This e-book is written for the photographer who wants to tell a story of their own but need a push in the right direction, the hobby photographer who wants to get a lot more out of their remarkable travel, the photographer who dreams of their own exhibition or book. It is written for those among us who have many ideas, many stories but don’t know where to start or how to begin.

What’s inside


A roadmap on

visualising a story


Tips & Tricks

of myself & others



of my remote expeditions


Information on

how to conduct research


Assignments to

get yourself going


Beautiful photos

of my trips



This e-book is a must have when you want visualise stories. I go step by step through visualising a story, which helps you from an idea to a plan, and from a plan to an exhibition or perhaps a book. In addition, I share my tips about finding a guide, how to deal with unforeseen circumstances and how to do good research. I also tell you everything about different narrative forms in which you can form your story.

About the author

Spider owner, beekeeper with a break, good weather cyclist & surfer. Not as fun as Bilbo Baggins – because what is ever going to be cooler than a barrel rider? Anyway, back to business >> I’m born in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1985. Before becoming a photographer I was a tour guide, a teacher and a beekeeper. I have lived in Turkey, Uganda, Argentina, England and of course The Netherlands. Going on an adventure is what I love doing most. Of course accompanied with my camera.

The first time I took a photo I don’t remember, but in 2015 it was the first time I got paid for taking photos. It was then that I became a professional photographer. Most of my photography I devote to working for humanitarian organisations or projects. This is what makes me the happiest person; being able to tell visual stories about humanity. Since 2015 I’ve been photographing for organisations like Amnesty International, Trees 4 All, Movement on the Ground. 

Milene van Arendonk

Take a look inside

The must-have e-book on

visual storytelling

For all the storytellers, photographers, explorers, adventurers and everyone who wants to tell (and sell) a story.